Our History

Founded: 2022

Founder: Pastor (Mrs.) Ayeni Oluwatoyin Oladele


The rich history of Smiling Stars Private School is deeply rooted in a visionary commitment to delivering unparalleled education. Our transformative journey commenced in August 2022 with a dedicated cadre of highly qualified and impassioned teachers. Their shared desire was to positively impact the lives of students, laying the foundation for a school that would become synonymous with academic distinction and character development.

This pioneering team of ten educators stood unwaveringly committed to delivering quality education and unlocking the vast potential within each student. Their dedication set the tone for the exceptional educational experience that would become the hallmark of Smiling Stars Private School.

The Governing Body, a group chosen by Chairman Hon. Oluwatoyin Ebenezer Ayeni, paved the way. They helped the school welcome its first 100 students, a mix of ages and grades that formed the heart of our school community.

The Governing Body, made up of experienced professionals, worked together to make sure the school started well. The body, led by Managing Director Pastor (Mrs.) Oluwatoyin Adejoke Ayeni, they played a big role in the school’s success.

Pastor (Mrs.) Ayeni Oluwatoyin Oladele, the brain behind the school, poured her passion into creating a great learning place. She wanted students to grow not just in their studies but also in character.

Since the start, Smiling Stars Private School has grown—more teachers, more students. But here’s the key: the school is always about providing great education. Teachers, the Governing Body, and Pastor (Mrs.) Ayeni work together, all aiming to help students become their best.

Thinking back to our humble beginnings, we’re excited about what’s next. Smiling Stars Private School is here to help students shine, creating a place where learning is fun and everyone’s getting ready for their bright futures.

Governing Body

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